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2017-08-23 07:34:11

SAP Cloud Platform App Contest 2017 Application Form

Please fill in the application form and send an email with the attached signed document to us


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2017-08-23 07:31:22

Rural Energy Challenge 2017, IIT Madras

With the potential energy crisis and alarming levels of pollution, Shaastra Summit ventures into the field of energy with “Green Energy” as its theme. The Green Energy Summit promises to enlighten, empower and eventually create impact for the pressing cause; a place where experts and enthusiasts come together and exchange opinions and ideas, all for creating a brighter and greener future. This year, Shaastra Summit comprises of two major events: the Rural Energy Challenge and the Green Energy Conference. The Rural Energy Challenge is a competition where teams are expected to build a product incorporating “Green Energy for Rural Development”, along with a business plan.This will be a competition spanning 4 months and will involve village visits under the mentorship of an assigned expert. The participants of Rural Energy Challenge will also get to attend a 4 day conference held during Shaastra 2018. The prize money for the Rural Energy Challenge is 5 lakhs. Green Energy Summit is a platform for conscientious, dynamic individuals to congregate and discuss vital issues, and to become active participants in the energy revolution.


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2017-08-23 07:20:49

Wipro earthian journey Seven years of Sustainability Education for Schools and Colleges

Wipro earthian came into being in 2011, out of the strong conviction that building awareness is the first step towards sustainability. The vision of Wipro earthian is rooted in the challenging task that humanity faces - of finding solutions to several sustainability issues like climate change, water scarcity, loss of biodiversity, etc. The project aims at building skills, attitudes and values to shape a sustainable future. Our vision is to create an informed society by nurturing sustainability ideas within young minds in schools and colleges. Over the years, Wipro earthian has evolved and became more focused. The mandate is clearly to reach out and engage a generation that will inherit the earth from us.


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2017-08-23 07:17:23

The Go Green in the City Challenge 2017

Go Green in the City the ultimate global student competition for sustainable energy solutions --- has returned. This is an opportunity to be work with Schneider Electric and for a Travel Grant to Paris


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2017-05-09 11:44:34

Code gladiators 2017 - TechGig

Code Gladiators contest will have 3 levels – Easy, Medium and Expert and each level will consist of 1 coding problem. Once a user completes the registration process, all levels will be open to attempt by default.


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2017-04-25 11:23:29

TechTop National Innovation Summit 2017

TechTop Innovation Challenge and Summit is India’s prime celebration that celebrate the award winning innovations of young innovators in the country. 11 years of successful hosting of the Annual TechTop Innovation challenge, we can now proudly claim that India is now a hotbed of technological innovations. Just over the past few years we have witnessed over 30 startups from our past winners and participants. Our aim is to make India a birthplace for many hard scientific innovations that can change our planet to a beautiful place it is made to be. Now the Annual Innovation Challenge is converted as a month long Innovation Summit to bring the global innovation community to India to share their experience and to innovate solutions along with India’s young engineers. Venue: IIT Delhi, India


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2017-04-25 11:10:57

b.creative Challenge 2017

b.creative Challenge 2017 is pleased to invite artists, cultural and creative entrepreneurs from all over the world. The world is facing unprecedented challenges generated by global political turmoil, rapid technological developments, the population’s rapid growth or the human constant intervention on nature. b.creative believes that international collaborations through art and creative entrepreneurship could help tackle global social, economic, politic or environmental issues which humanity currently deals with


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2017-04-24 16:02:16

WSIS Forum Photo Contest 2017 in Switzerland

WSIS is inviting participants to picture how Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs ) are playing an enabling role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Participate in building a collage of ICT for Sustainable Development photographs from around the world.


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2017-04-24 16:00:36

2017 Takeda Young Entrepreneurship Award

The Award targets young entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial individuals who challenge technological or social needs in the real world. The Takeda Foundation believes that the challenging activities of young individuals trying to address real technological and social needs will lead to the creation of goods and services that enhance the well-being of people throughout the world, which is the mission of the Foundation.


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2017-04-24 15:55:31